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Nidhi Sapkal , Anwar Daud, Minal Bonde, Vaishali Kilor . Application of a convenient & cost effective granulation technology for the formulation of tablets using conventional excipients. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics, 8(3), 2014, 183-189.
Vaishali Kilor, Neeta Nandlal Bramhe . Development of effective extraction method for Lepidium sativum seed mucilage with higher yield. J. Adv. Pharm. Edu. & Res. 4(3), 2014, 354-360.
Kartik Wadibhasme, Nidhi Sapkal . Development and validation of spectroscopic method for simultaneous detrermination of theophylline and etophylline in pharmaceutical dosage form. Asian journal of research in chemistry, 7 (12), 2014.
Neeta Nandlal Bramhe , Vaishali Kilor . Evaluation and optimization of Lepidium sativum seed mucilage as a binder in tablet formulation. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 6 (10), 2014.
Minal Bonde ,  Nidhi Sapkal ,  Anwar Daud . F ull factorial design, physicochemical characterization of  phenylephrine  HCl loaded oral thin film.  Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics, 9(2), 2015, 137-145.



  • A. M. Ittadwar, V. V. Kale presented a research paper titled Flexible curricular framework for professional skills: A need of time for carrier at pharmacy colleges in 10th international conference in Lifelong learning in pharmacy held at Orlando, Florida, USA on 2-5 June, 2014. The theme of the conference was ‘The magic of discovery: What lies ahead'.
    V. V. Kale, K. B. Bhelkar, A. K. Sharma, Tabassum Naaz, P. A. Lonare, M. M. Gangane, A. D. Malwar, D. R. Kalambhe presented a paper entitled Enhancing the competitive advantage of MSMEs through comprehensive skill development role of Pharma MSME for access to essential medicine supplies in rural and village India? in 5th annual conference of MSMEs titled Gearing up to global competitiveness, held at IES Management College, Bandra (W), Mumbai.
    V. V. Kale, A. M. Jha, S. R. Mishra, T. C. Gupta, N. S. Kapgate, D. V. Tayade presented a paper entitled Rural mahila bachat gat Agri-Entrepreneurship SME: Elaboration through case study in 5th annual conference of MSMEs titled Gearing up to global competitiveness, held at IES Management College, Bandra (W), Mumbai.
    Sapkal NP, Bonde M, Daud AS. Presented oral paper on Herbal extracts in thin film based drug delivery system: Formulation development study in 2 nd  International Congress of society for ethnopharmacology-Feb 20-22, 2015, Nagpur.
    Vaishali Kilor ,  Reshma Gavate, Nidhi Sapkal presented oral paper on Designing of analytical methods for standardization of iron based Indian Traditional formulation: Mandur Bhasma. 2 nd  International Congress of Society for Ethnopharmacology , Nagpur , held on February 20-22, 2015
    Sumit K. Arora delivered oral presentation on topic “ Antirhumatic potential of Chenopodium Album : modulation by NF kappa B” in 2 nd international conference of Ethnopharmacology on 21 st feb 2015 held at Nagpur.


    •  Paper presented at 2 nd  International Congress of society for Ethnopharmacology-Feb 20-22, 2015, Nagpur:

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Tilloo SK, Tade RS, Gurav S, Hate S.

Pharmacological screening of Melilotus alba for anti-inflammatory activity in rats


Sapkal NP, Injmurwar Ganesh, Thakur AV

Analytical Method development of anticancer isoflavones


Sapkal NP, Mugale V

Profiling & quantification of impurities in hesperidin using HPLC-PDA & HPLC-MS technique


Sapkal NP, Kilor VA, Sahare K, Kalambe D

Preformulation study of Hesperidin: a vasotonic


Kapgate N ikita, Dawande Anmol, Waikar Shekhar,  Kilor Vaishali

Anti-acne preparation of Rubiadin rich fraction of  Rubia Cordifolia


Lonare Pallavi, Bramhe Neeta,  Kilor Vaishali

sativum  seed mucilage: an excellent tablet binder


Tabassum Naaz, Dawande Anmol, Waikar Shekhar,  Kilor Vaishali

Topical anti-acne formulation containing flavonoids extracted and isolated from  Tephrosia purpuria


Pande VB, Tilloo SK, Deshbhratar KD, Gurav N

Antiinflammatory potential of Boswellic acid gel in rats


Yende Subhash R., Harle Uday, Bhurchandi Minal, Ittadwar Abhay

Anxiolytic activity of  Sargassum ilicifolium  in experimental models of anxiety


Naidu SV

Memory enhancing activity of lecithin and Swarnabhasma in Scopolamine induce memory impairment in rat


Patent Filed

MM Bodhankar filed a patent titled "A novel controlled release opthalmic formulation" Application no. 3115/MUM/3014 dated 30/9/2014.
NP Sapkal "Pharmaceutical Formulation Comprising Low Melting, Highly Lipophilic Drugs” Application No.  1550/MUM/2015,  April 14, 2015.
NP Sapkal “Improved Mucosal Delivery of vitamin B12” Application No. 2195/MUM/2015, June 8, 2015.