Guest Lectures

  • • PCOS Awareness month was celebrated in association with Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. by arranging a webinar on PCOS by Dr. Swadha Kotpalliwar on 16 September 2021. Around 90 students and faculty members joined the event and interacted very well with the speaker. Alumnus of GNCP, Miss Deepali Prasad, Evanext division, Cadila initiated the event along with Mrs. S.A. Ubgade.

  • • A guest lecture on “General health condition of Adolescent” of Dr. Shivangi Jahagirdar, a leading gynecologist and practitioner was organized on 10/12/2021.

  • • An interaction of Ms. Hema Savale was organized with M. Pharm students on 03/02/2022. Ms Savale is senior clinical research professional having experience of over 25 years in renowned clinical research organizations like, Quintiles (Currently IQVIA), Pharmanet, Biodev. She explained role played by clinical research professional at all levels in pharmaceutical industry. She also highlighted the required knowledge that students should have in order to explore clinical research as career opportunity. The interaction was well received by the students. Dr. N. P. Sapkal coordinated the event.

  • • An online interactive session on the topic “Sharing Experiences in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry” by Ms. Vrushali Kolarkar Joshi was organized on 18 February, 2022. Ms Joshi is Head of US Product development and program management at Sandoz, USA. She has over 25 years of experience in global pharmaceutical industry. Mrs. Shobha Ubgade, conducted the session. The meeting was organized at Google meet platform. About 82 participants including students, alumni and faculty attended this interactive session. The talk was well received and participants interacted with the resource person very enthusiastically. Dr. Vaishali Kilor and Mrs. S. Ubgade coordinated the event.

  • • A Public Speaking Workshop was organized by ED cell and was conducted by Mr. Manoj Kohale on 25/02/2022 in the Auditorium of GNCP.

  • • Guest lecture on the topic “Current Career Options for Pharma Graduates” was delivered by GNCP Alumnus, Mr. Rohit Bagwe, Senior Manager: Portfolio & Strategy, Cipla Ltd. Mumbai on 01/04/2022 for B. Pharm & M. Pharm students. The event was coordinated by Dr. Nidhi Sapkal and Mrs. S.A. Ubgade.

  • • An interaction and a guest lecture of Mr. Syed Shafique-UI Hasan, Health Canada (Regulatory Affair), CANADA and Alumnus of GNCP was organized on 12/05/2022. He has delivered talk on the topic "Scope of Pharmacy in Canada".

  • • Interactive session was conducted for the students of M. Pharm on the topic “Computer Aided Drug Development” on 04/06/22. Mrs. Rama Sivasubramanian, Clinical Development Director, Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad visited the campus and guided students about utility of computer-based development of drugs. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Vaishali Kilor.

  • • Mr. Ashwini Sharma, Research fellow, University of Southern Queensland, Australia and alumni of GNCP, interacted with students on 10/06/22 and shared his research experience with the students on the topic Investigation of Queensland dry rainforest endophytes and their production of antimicrobial agents. This fruitful interaction was coordinated by Dr. Nidhi Sapkal.

  • • Dr. Ganesh Thakur, Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Northeastern University, Boston, USA deliver a talk on the topic “ Molecules To Therapeutic Discoveries” on 10/03/2021.

  • •  Dr. Prajwal Nandekar, Scientist, Schrodinger, delivered a guest lecture on topic, "Basics of Computer-Aided Drug Design" on 10/10/2019.

  • • • Mr. H. R. Waghmare, Project Officer MCED delivered guest lecture regarding Guidance and the various scheme of the government for start-ups, for woman entrepreneurs and small-scale business on 10/10/2019.

  • • • Mr. Vasudev Mishra, a Young Entrepreneur delivered a guest lecture on “Social Entrepreneurship, empathy towards social causes and sustainable goals” on 7/9/2019.

  • •  • Mr. Satish Sagmnerkar delivered a guest lecture on “Skills required for Entrepreneurship” on 18/02/2020 in GNCP auditorium.

  • •  .ShrutkirtiFadnavis, MIT, Pune deliveredGuest lecture on topic 'Self-motivation forcompetitive examinations and higher education' on 30/01/2019.

  • •  Dr. Vilas Patil, and •  Dr. Yogesh Ukey, from Maharashtra Rural Health Service Organisation, Nagpur delivered the awareness talk on "How to cure chronic illness by naturopathy on 11th Jul, 2018

  • •  Mr. Mohan Hardas , and •  Mr. Vaibhav Chaudhary, from Job plus Career, have delivered a lecture on 'CPM (Certified Pharma Marketing) Training and PEEP (Pharma Employability Enhancement Program)' on 14th Jul, 2018.

  • •  Shri Bal Kulkarni, Ex-editor, Punyanagri delivered guest lecture on the topic Self motivation on 28th Aug, 2018

  • •  Mr. Vaibhav Chaudhary, from Job plus Career, have delivered a lecture on 'Various job opportunities in the field of phamracy after graduationa and postgraduation' on 29th Aug, 2018.

  • •  Mr. Parag Charde, and •  Mr. Nitin Dayani,, Project managers at central india clinical research services delivered the talk on Opportunities in Clinical Research on 8th Sep, 2018.

  • •  Mr. Sambhaji Chavan , and •  Mr. Nitin Dayani,, from PCRA conducted training programme for staff and students on the topic conservation, consumption and reduce dependence of petroleum resources on 3rd Oct, 2018.

  • •  Mr. Yash Nannaware, Jigyaasa Education trust (NGO) delivered a guest lecture on 23 Aug, 2017

  • •  Mr. Kshitij Gawande, Youthtrain Foundation delivered a guest lecture on 04 Oct, 2017 and had an interactive session under the seed project.

  • •  Mr. Surendra Durugkar, Senior Manager, Sandoz (Novartis Company), Mumbai delivered a guest lecture on the topic “Industry Institute Interaction” for B. Pharm Final year students and M.Pharm students on 29 December 2016.

  • •  A team of police officers from police station, Jaripatka delivered a guest lecture on” Traffic and safety awareness” for the students under the theme of  ‘Raising Day Week’ on 03 January 2017.

  • •  A guest lecture on “Cancer Awareness and Preventive Measures” for the teaching and non-teaching staff was conducted by Stop Cancer Mission, Nagpur on 19 January 2017. Ms. Nazia Sheikh from Stop Cancer Mission delivered the awareness talk.

  • •  Prof. Sharad Patil delivered a lecture to B. Pharm and M. Pharm students on “communication skills” on 9th July, 2016

  • •  Dr. A. R. Shekh, Associate Professor, MET Institute of Pharmacy, Nashik delivered guest lecture on “GPAT preparation and how to study Organic and Medicinal Chemistry” on 21st July 2016 for the students of B. Pharm final year.

  • •  Dr. S. S. Poddar, Professor, Dr. D.Y. Patil institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research Pune interacted with M. Pharm students on 26th July 2016.