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An unwavering commitment to outstanding education and research in pharmaceutical sciences and technology has defined the Gurunanak College of Pharmacy and Gurunanak Technical institute since their inception, making these one of the premier pharmacy institutions. We now move into our second decade of educating pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who possess the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to become leaders in pharmacy and pharmacy-related practice, research and education.

We have embarked on a remarkable journey to transform ourselves from a highly recognized degree college to one of true distinction and pre-eminence. We are championing a number of initiatives, including aggressively enhancing our infrastructure to support world-class teaching, learning and research; getting accreditation from NAAC & NBA, providing innovative solutions to the Pharmaceutical industry; building solid, lasting relationships with other institutions & industries and playing an important leadership role. We have state of the art infrastructure supporting separate facilities for D. Pharm, B. Pharm, M. Pharm and PhD research scholars. An intimate relationship with pharmaceutical industry helps in exposing our students to the solutions of practical problems of industry. We regularly organize events of national and international stature independently as well as in collaboration with other renowned academic institutes, professional societies and pharmaceutical industries. Participation in such events give our students an edge over their competitors and shape their personalities.

Our faculty is contributing towards our vision of providing innovative solutions to pharmaceutical industry's evolving needs, promoting the value of life-long learning and helping shape the future of health care in the nation and beyond.

We are poised to enter a period of great opportunity; and we face our challenges with genuine talent and resolve. We are ready to work even harder to strengthen our reputation as the place Where Pharmaceutical scientists and technologists Learn and Discover.

We welcome students, who want to make difference in education and in the professional world of pharmaceutical sciences!

                                                                Dr. Abhay M. Ittadwar
M. Pharm., PhD, DBM